Green Lawn
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Sales & Services

There are a number of options available for burial services at Green Lawn. There is the customary in-ground burial, which includes a tent set-up and chairs provided for the immediate family. This same service is available for in-ground cremation burial.

For above ground crypt burial Green Lawn provides a tented courtyard or Chapel mausoleum entombment service. The same service applies for cremation niche burial.

The Garden of Tranquility is our cremation scattering garden.

Green lawn currently has grave spaces and lots available on the individual family islands.

Islands, are exclusive lots nestled among the historical sections of Green Lawn. They are idea for large extended family lots or as a setting for a personal mausoleum. All of the islands have existing mature trees, and all can be designed and landscaped to the owner's specifications. This would be an ideal choice for anyone who desires and exceptional and distinctive setting.

Cremation Options

In the historic Huntington Chapel, Green Lawn offers cremation burial in several bronze niche banks. These niches do not require an urn and allows families to honor their loved one with an inside setting in an exquisite, historical building.

Cremation is a growing trend in the United States. Green Lawn Cemetery has a variety of options available for this type of arrangement.

Niches in the New Garden Mausoleum

A niche is an above ground container for cremation ashes. It is designed to hold an urn or some other type of heavy container. Urns come in many materials and designs and are very individualized. A niche burial allows the family to have a memorial even though their loved one was cremated, because the deceased's name is on the front of the niche in bronze lettering. So the family has a physical place to visit and to pay their respects to their loved one.

Another type of cremation burial is to bury the cremated remains in the ground. An urn or some other type of container is appropriate in this case as well. Cremation spaces are available in Section 124 and on Green Lawn's Cremation Island. Both allow an in-ground marker for the grave space.

Green Lawn also has installed a bronze Cremorial. This is an entirely enclosed unit that is specially made for cremation burial, but it does not require an urn. This is an option that is nestled in among pine trees, and is a very tranquil location.

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